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Humble Beginnings

In 2008, High Point University students Nick Ruden, Jeremy Hiatt and Steven Beck, along with friend Zachary Moore, came together looking for a way to show pride for the South, as well as help the community in some way. They aspired to create a finer clothing company after the group grew tired of coming across a great deal of low-quality clothing. Out of that desire came Port Southern, a clothing company that hopes to spread southern hospitality.

Port Southern leather sandals

Port Southern leather sandals

The brand’s original products included private-label hats and men’s polo shirts. However, the company has shifted its focus to southern-inspired, fine casual footwear with a southern hospitality flare. Port Southern sells men’s and women’s sandals, in addition to classic pineapple hats.

Port Southern signature "Pineapple Hat"

Port Southern signature “Pineapple Hat”

A Mission to Spread Southern Hospitality

The founders of Port Southern believe in the importance of southern hospitality and seek to spread it everywhere. They believe that southern hospitality is a mindset of welcoming others, showing kindness, being genteel in actions and deeds, and always being a good neighbor. To them, it’s waving to someone you might not know or opening your home to visitors and friends. It’s saying, “thank you” and “yes ma’am.” It’s asking the simple question, “How are you today?”

To embody the image of southern hospitality, Port Southern wanted a symbol to represent the idea. Therefore, they chose a pineapple to be the unifying image of the company. At Port Southern and throughout the South, the pineapple represents a symbol of hospitality. It has historically represented the act of welcoming others.

Port Southern leather sandals

Port Southern leather sandals

Additionally, Port Southern takes its idea of southern hospitality a step further by making a commitment to donate a percentage of every product sold to charities within the local communities. The supported charities are nonprofit, charitable organizations that do not have a political agenda as a part of their mission or purpose. Check out Port Southern’s current charitable partnership featured below!

Supported Charities

BackPack Beginnings

Located in Greensboro, NC, BackPack Beginnings focuses on delivering backpacks to child-centered services. The organization makes a positive impact on children’s health and well-being by ensuring food and basic necessities are given directly to those in need. There are two BackPack programs: the Food BackPack Program and the Comfort BackPack Program, as well as 12 food pantries and a free clothing pantry that are also in operation.

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There are no local stores in the Triangle currently offering the brand, however Lindsay Odom, Ltd. of High Point, NC and Leinwand’s Inc. of Elizabethtown, NC, carry some of the brand’s merchandise. For those of you ready to shop online, check out Port Southern’s website for the latest shoes. While you’re there, be sure to follow Port Southern on Twitter and Instagram for updates on new merchandise!

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