Do You Have Tattoo Regret?

Tattoo removal from Blue Water Spa

Tattoo removal from Blue Water Spa

Are you marrying Jake, but Larry just won’t go away? Ok, maybe it’s not that serious… or maybe it totally is. Regardless, if you’re living with a tattoo that you no longer totally love (or even like at all, perhaps), it can be as good as gone thanks to Blue Water Spa’s Picoway tattoo removal laser.

The North Raleigh med spa features six different lasers, including the Picoway, which is the most advanced laser option for tattoo removal. One of the most modern features? Its ability to removal all colors of ink. (Goodbye, purple and blue butterfly!)

Having a tattoo removed has come a long way in recent years and the Picoway Picosound technology delivers faster, shorter, more comfortable, and more effective treatments than ever before. Learn more about Blue Water Spa’s tattoo removal services at

Blue Water Spa was named “Best Medical Spa in America” in 2016 by American Spa Magazine and offers pay-as-you-go services. The Raleigh, NC-based business is owned and operated plastic surgeon Michael Law, M.D., and is staffed by experienced medical and aesthetic professionals. Their newly-expanded laser center includes 19 treatment rooms with 8,500 s.f. of space for the comfort and privacy of each client. Call 919-870-6066 for a no-pressure consultation today.

Editor’s Note: Blue Water Spa is an supporter. We greatly appreciate their commitment and could not do what we do without the support of businesses like theirs. Learn more about supporters here.

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