{Window Shopping} Anchor South Debuts New Lifesaver Tee

Anchor South is a southern apparel brand established in July 2013 out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Owners Corey Brush and Chris Kirby picked up on a consumer desire for what they refer to as “a new southern style”. According to the retail brand’s website, “this style would mix their love of old southern traditions with modern southern living”. Corey and Chris decided to enlist the help of their wives, known as “The Tiffany’s”, in their project and the group decided that “the anchor was a bear amongst other symbols”. When Tiffany Kirby recommended the name “Anchor South”, it stuck with the group and has shepherded their brand and design influences ever since.

Featured here is “The Lifesaver” – Anchor South’s fourth design and one of their team’s most anticipated. They decided to pursue a more coastal feel in this design, a design that t-shirt owners would gravitate towards for a nice beach trip.

In addition to being carried at The Carolina Moon Store at Triangle Town Center (which iHeartRetail.com featured here — and y’all loved — making it one of our most popular stories ever on the site!), Anchor South is expanding its retail outlets to include the Wingate University bookstore and many other locations around North Carolina and Georgia soon. Shirts are available for both men and women. Follow the Anchor South gang on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more southern goodness in your social feeds.

Lisa Jeffries

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  1. I hope they will be in South End Outfitters so I can walk there and shop realllly locally.

  2. Nathanial says

    I have several of their shirts and they are great! Very comfortable and light weight and after several washes they haven’t shrunk which is fantastic, nobody loves a midriff shirt on a guy.

  3. Haha, Nathanial – too funny – I think you’re spot on in your assessment that nobody loves a midriff shirt on a guy!

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