A lot of cuteness at GreenPea Baby!

When I was pregnant with Kennedy, I visited GreenPea Baby {Cary|Online} in their former Apex location for a Cloth Diapering 101 class. It was an extremely cute space, but it was more than just a little cramped.

Flash forward a couple of years and now GreenPea Baby has a rockin’ space in Waverly Place of Cary! I know it’s been open for a little while, but I just got a chance on Tuesday to really check it out {insert some lame excuse about babies/toddlers/puppies/a goldfish/etc making it hard to get anything done}. Regardless of my lateness to the party, GreenPea’s space is amazing!

They now have room to display much more of their inventory, which is a huge bonus for a tactile shopper like me (Read: I like to touch all the blankets/clothes/furniture/toys/etc… I may have a problem). Here are a few things I enjoyed while perusing the store:

Team/sports apparel for baby

Time to get all the babies ready for football season!


Spittin' Up on Duke Burp Cloth

I just couldn’t resist. Here’s a little secret: I went to UNC 🙂


Stephen Joseph Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Super cute Stephen Joseph Sidekicks backpacks and lunchboxes for back to school!


GreenPea Baby Floor Models on Sale!

Look around GreenPea Baby for floor models like this precious Pali Volterra Crib on sale!





























































Another bonus to GreenPea Baby’s Waverly Place location is the close proximity to the Waverly Place playground (with a new toddler play structure!) and Fresca Cafe & Gelato. You know, in case you need a little bit of bribery to get your shopping done with a toddler. Not that I do that, ever 😉

Happy Shopping!

Beth Lavin for iheartretail.com




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