{Designed in Raleigh} UPstudio’s Modern, Affordable 2018 Planner

Yesterday I received a lot of emails. (Like north of 300 emails, a lot.) It’s the heartbeat of our digital business at Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group, so I’m certainly not complaining. Especially when something spectacular like this little gem from UPstudio arrives in my inbox:

2018 UPstudio Planner

2018 UPstudio Planner

I am a perpetually late-to-the-game holiday shopper, but I have a handful of guys and gals who I know are going to love these beautifully-crafted 2018 planners. And at just $40 each, they’re a true budget-friendly gift that will still pack a year-long punch for the gift recipient.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as digital as they come. My very best friends will tell you that if they expect me to be somewhere, it better be in my Google Calendar. But for quick planning, idea sketching, and on-the-go task management? I still don’t believe that digital has created a solution I can really wrap my hands around. (Hence the menu samples, post-it notes, and business cards for follow-up covering my desk today.)

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The gals from UPstudio, Mary Beth and Becky, have put a painstaking amount of time and thought into designing their annual planners and have diligently cataloged the process on their blog. Want to take the planner format for a test drive? They offer a free digital download of their planner pages!

A few highlighted features of the planner:

    • Each month includes a two-page goal sheet, a two-page month view, followed by a two-page week view for each week. The main goal for the design of the layout is versatility. We want every space to be useful, but for you to be able to set the purpose.
    • The week starts on Monday for both the month and week layouts.
    • 60 pages of 1/8″ graph paper are included at the end of the planner. They have page numbers for easy reference. (IE: On your month or week layout you can easily reference the graph page where you took notes or jotted down a quick list.)
    • A two-page month view included for December 2017 and a four-page layout broken up by day for 2019 planning.

There are two different colored ribbon markers to help you flip to your desired page quickly.

Check out the full list of features and order your planner(s) online at https://www.upstudionc.com/collections/all/products/2018-upstudio-planner. The planners are available in both gray and satchel (a beautiful cognac brown), but if you want that pretty toasted brown version, you’ll have to wait for the gals re-order to arrive. They were so popular that they’re already sold out! (You can get notified when they’re re-stocked by signing up here. How handy!)

Sep. 12 Update: The re-order of the uber-popular satchel-colored planners will be in-stock and ready to go by October 1. Plenty of time for holiday gifts 😉

Prefer to shop in-store where you can touch and feel the planners for yourself? Of course you do. Check them out in person and purchase from these local Raleigh retailers: So & So Books, Quail Ridge Books, and Deco!

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