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Say goodbye to boring sandals and say hello to the unique style of Sedette Sandal Company. Sedette Sandal Company was founded in 2016 and is here to stay with a timeless style that is animal-free! 

Footwear & Textile Designer + Mechanical Engineer = Shoe Perfection

Sedette Sandal Company is the brainchild of Amber Cummings, a footwear and textile designer, and Ian Sheeley, a mechanical engineer. These two Americans found themselves living and working in the Netherlands and while there, Amber fell in love with vintage wooden sandals. This love led her to come up with the idea of a wooden clog that used woven textiles instead of leather.

Amber and Ian began researching traditional wooden techniques to use natural wooden pins, instead of nails and staples. They used a 3D printer to design and test many designs until they created the perfect mortise-and-tenon sole that became the basis for Sedette sandals. Headquartered in North Carolina, this local brand is owned and operated jointly today by Amber and Ian.

Animal-Free Products

Sedette’s sandals are animal-free, wooden sandals that are completely vegan. They are made from natural beech wood and a linen, cotton, or a polyester/cotton blend. The outsole is rubber and the stitching is cotton. The ankle tie is a polyester/cotton blend and it is held together with a fully synthetic glue. All of their sandals are vegan and they are dedicated to providing “super cute animal free products.”

Time to Shop

Ready to purchase your first pair of wooden clogs? On the site right now are six variations ranging from solid colors to fun and funky patterns. Each pair comes in at $142.00. Every pair of their sandals is handmade so no two are alike, therefore, no one will have a pair of sandals just like yours!

Their limited quantity first batch is now shipping. Sign-up for the Sedette newsletter on the site to learn about new styles and exclusive offers. Be sure to let us know when you pick out your first pair at SedetteSandals.com!

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Phone: (336) 689-5856


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