{Local Brands} Loyale Returns to Online Retail

Guess who’s back, back again! The Loyale brand is back. Loyale is an online retailer for women’s clothing known for their quality, sustainable fabrics. The brand was hiatus for seven years, but is here again with an incredibly inspiring story that assures you are getting quality products and a stylish design.

The Loyale Story

Jenny, the creator of Loyale, sought to create an eco-chic company in the heart of New York; and did just that seven years ago. She wanted her company to provide clothing that was stylish, sustainable, and available to shoppers at an accessible price. When the company was first launched, Jenny received wonderful feedback. Her clothing line was carried by 60 different retailers and was featured in an article in Vogue where Jessica Alba and Blake Lively were wearing her designs!

Despite solid annual sales and a great following, Loyale still didn’t have the revenue that was expected, so Jenny made the decision to pack up and move to North Carolina. Seven years later, after deep soul searching, hardships, and a true and deep passion for the fashion industry, Jenny has relaunched Loyale.

You can see the full story behind the Loyale brand and their selection of women’s clothing online.

Currently, Loyale features two signature pieces, aptly named Style No. 01 and Style No. 02. Prices range from $90-$134. Sizes range from Extra Small to Large and are available in always crisp black or white and grey palettes.

Giving Back

In an effort to give back to the community, Loyale partners with 501c3’s or non profit organizations. For every garment sold, $2 is donated to a local, national, or global group making a positive impact. Loyale makes their donations every four to five months. You can follow them on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram  for updates regarding the impact of their donations.

Loyale collaborates with non profit organizations like The Livestock Conservancy and Farm Sanctuary, that work toward solving large scale problems like hunger, animal abuse, food pipeline security, and workers’ rights. Not only is this sustainable company giving back to the environment, but they are giving back to society as well.

Looking for women’s clothes with a stylish design and quality, sustainable fabrics? Then head over to the Loyale website for the basic essentials fit for every female’s wardrobe.

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