Get Your Stylish Accessory Fix in Cary

If you share the same love for retail therapy as we do, then you can fully relate to the beloved satisfaction of coming home with a new pair of jeans or booties. But I think it is time for a refresher on the smaller, yet mighty, power of finding that perfect accessory!

From necklaces, studs, and watches – to scarves and clutches, these crucial embellishments can be the difference between “Average Jane” and “a talk drink of water”. So out of my love for a good tassel necklace, I’m here to give you the local low down of where to seek out these treasured accessories in the Cary area.

Peachy Keen

Harrison Pointe Shopping Center
250 Grande Heights Drive – Cary, NC 27513

This boutique is known for their unique variety of accessories that perfectly blend preppy, boho, and luxury. With their always-changing inventory that includes totes, satchels, clutches, wallets, hats, sunglasses, dainty necklaces, pendant necklaces, statement earrings, watches and scarves, your can fill any type of accessory fix at Peachy Keen.

Featured Brands: Love,Poppy, Hanky Panky, Hobo the Original bags, Ceri Hoover bags, Headbands for Hope, Toms Eyewear, Liebeskind


2425 Kildaire Farm Road – Cary, NC 27518

Swagger is a great spot to seek out popular and trendy styles – with accessory pieces that stay within an affordable budget. Their selection is simple and chic with jewelry, purses, and sunglasses that feature modern styles in the most-favorable neutral and classic colors! You just can’t go wrong with staple pieces that you’ll want to pair with your wardrobe for years to come.

Featured Brands: Zenzii, House of Harlow, Alex and Ani, Scout Bags

Pink Magnolia

Parkside Town Commons
1205 Parkside Main Street – Cary, NC 27519

Pink Magnolia embodies the flirty and stylish vibe that trendsetters strive for today. Their selection of accessories goes beyond basic and leans closer to bold, with over-sized fabric tassel necklaces, layered bead necklaces, pendant chokers, trendy slouchy totes, and understated detail pieces galore! This boutique is a gold mine if you are looking to find a piece that can make an otherwise bland outfit pop!

Featured Brands: Beaded Blues, Fabulina, belle., C.C. Beanie, Ann Paige, Zenzii, Akola, House of Harlow, etc

Halie’s Boutique

Parkside Town Commons
1209 Parkside Main St, Cary, NC 27519

Halie’s Boutique is an accessory hot spot! From local designers to philanthropic jewelry collections, this boutique features not only some of the most sought-after necklace, clutch, tote, bracelet and headband brands, but also carries a wide selection from each to choose from when visiting their boutique in Parkside Town Commons. Halie’s inventory presents a more unique and meaningful touch to the fashionable act of accessorizing.

Featured Brands: Spartina, Scout Bags, Hobo the Original, Tiffany Jazelle, Boho Beads, Giving Keys, 31 Bits, B.B. Lilla, Headbands of Hope, Fringe, etc.

The Pink Alli

Stone Creek Village
406 Ledgestone Way, Cary, NC 27519


The Pink Alli is a personalized accessory haven! Beyond being able to embroider your initials on to almost anything under the sun, they take monograms to a new level by offering individualized monogram cut-out and engraved jewelry. In addition to being the Cary monogram hook up, the boutique also has a wide variety of other preppy-styled jewelry pieces, totes, and treasures to adorn your look. Watch out, because once you experience this local gift and accessory gem, you’ll never want to leave!

Featured Brands: Scout Bags, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer

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Now that you have our personalized shopping guide for accessories in Cary, get out there and accessorize your hearts out, friends!

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