Downtown Raleigh’s New Adventure Lifestyle Shop: Devolve Moto

A new store has come to Downtown Raleigh and if you have any sort of knack for adventure, you have to check this place out: Devolve Moto is an Adventure Lifestyle Shop and Cafe, located on Glenwood Avenue, full of motorcycle riding wear, outdoor gear and much more. When you walk down Glenwood, you will see the store’s huge, open garage door front inviting you to take a peek inside.

Devolve was started by three venturesome men with different skills and interests but a common love for motorcycles. Charles Long, Greig Hochreiter and Clark Hipolito chose the Glenwood Ave. location to offer motorcyclists and adventure-seekers a unique store in Downtown Raleigh and to capture this market. All three of the owners are strong advocates for excitement and freedom. Each piece of riding wear is handpicked to support these values and to offer customers only the absolute best quality.

Once you step inside Devolve, you’ll immediately feel the store’s rustic, bad-boy vibe. The first thing you see is the cafe bar, huge leather booths and the store’s logo tattooed on the wall. A few seconds later, you will realize that you have walked into an ubran motorcyclist’s dream. Devolve is covered floor-to-ceiling with wood and filled with beautiful motorcycles, leatherwear, and passionate, friendly employees. All apparel in the store is hand-picked by the owner to ensure the highest quality. In the rear of the store, you’ll find a broad selection of outdoor gear to satisfy various camping needs. Devolve also provides men’s skin care products, leather boots, hats, a selection of women’s women’s riding gear, and even a section for portable phone chargers, lanterns, and flashlights.

Even if you are not a motorcyclist, Devolve has much to offer and is definitely worth the time for a visit. Go shop around and try out some of the exciting flavors at the coffee bar that also serves craft beer and pre-packaged local food goods. The store will meet all of your riding wear and camping needs, quench your thirst, and provide a thrilling and unique experience. The store is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. every day of the week and is located at 304 Glenwood Avenue in Downtown Raleigh. Visit them online at

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