Joint Venture’s Annual Vintage Jewelry Show Is Here!

The Joint Venture Jewelry 2015 Annual Vintage Jewelry Show and Sale is happening now through October 3rd! Specializing in vintage jewelry, every year the Hankin family looks forward to this show, which some of their customers say is their “favorite time of year” as they feature antique and vintage jewels from the late 1800’s (Victorian Period) through the roaring 1920’s to the Art Deco period of the 40’s.

Joint Venture's annual vintage show

Joint Venture’s annual vintage show is here!

The collection comes from a third generation vintage dealer from New York who travels all around the world to find some incredible specimen pieces. Check out a sample of the show collection online at

Besides the collection of jewelry treasures, you’ll find over 150 vintage mountings in platinum and white gold. So, for those wishing for a period ring, why not reset your own stone and create a blend of the past and present? The best part: show specials are 25% off!

In addition to the show pieces, you’ll find all kinds of styles and types of fine jewelry in the store’s regular collection. During the Show, Joint Venture is offering clients $100 OFF bonus on non-show specials.

Hurry in, the show ends Saturday, October 3, so don’t miss your chance to add something beautiful to your collection at a great price!

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