{Man Style Monday} Get to Know Bald Head Blues

I had the pleasure of meeting Bald Head Blues creator and owner Claude Pope, III at the North Hills Beach Music Series this past summer (how appropriate, right?) and love the preppy style he’s bringing from coastal North Carolina to menswear all over the area. I couldn’t wait to share it here for #ManStyleMonday!

Bald Head Blues is a clothing Brand launched April 2014 with a retail store on Bald Head Island, NC and carried boundary-less with the website BaldHeadBlues.com. You can find the menswear, women’s apparel, and accessories brand at seven retail stores and in the spring, North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh and Bald Head Island Club will join to make nine.

Claude tells me he “grew up going to Bald Head Island from a very early age – and when it came time to create my own brand it was the perfect place”. He loves the island because “it’s an island where no cars are allowed; only golf carts are used for transportation. As a kid, I learned how to golf there, ride a bike there, enjoy the ocean there, and that love for the island is reflected in my clothing line. Our logo is the side profile of a golf cart with a surfboard on top.”

To Claude, the logo symbolizes “how people go to and from the beach on Bald Head Island.” In the summertime, “residents and visitors head to the beach in their golf carts – [strapping] surfboards, boogie boards, paddle boards, beach chairs, umbrellas and anything else they can to the top of the cart – and go.”

You can gear up on these laid back essentials, dubbed “clothing for coasting”, this week as Black Friday approaches. Bald Head Blues will have an online promotion for up to 50% off selected items and everything else in the store will be 25% off for the whole weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Orders over $150 will include free shipping and all orders placed will have a sticker and koozie included. (Yay for freebies!)

PS: Congratulations to Claude and his fiance Natalie (pictured in the women’s tees image above) on their recent engagement!

Lisa Jeffries

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