{Man Style Monday} VK Nagrani Socks at Liles Clothing Studio

Guys, I get it. You don’t get a ton of opportunities to express your personal style when it comes to “business” and “business casual” dress codes. Socks, ties, skinny ties, and slim cut jackets. Maybe a great watch or cuff links. That’s. About. It.

So if your options are limited, make sure they’re really, really good options. My manfriend has got a vibrant sock collection and it makes for a great conversation piece when someone notices you for your socks. Yes, SOCKS.

VK Nagrani socks for men at Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh's North Hills

VK Nagrani socks for men at Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh’s North Hills

Ladies, we all know guys can be hard to shop for – especially if you’re attached to a man like mine who lives for impulse buys, making good, appreciated gift giving next to impossible. A go to for the guy who’s got enough personality to carry socks worth talking about? These are on my short list. Prices range from $25 (short, sport cuts) to to $250.00 for a “dirty dozen” set of 12 sold in sets described as “adventurous, bold, or conservative”. I’d say that about sums up the variety in men’s socks!

Pick up VK Nagrani socks locally in Raleigh at Liles Clothing Studio in North Hills.

Totally sold? Want to know about this lux brand? Read this great article on JustLuxe.com featuring an interview with Vivek Nagrani.

Lisa Jeffries

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