{Window Shopping} New Good hYOUman Line at Bevello

New hYOUman line at Bevello

New hYOUman line at Bevello

With screen printed shirts announcing “I had too much to dream last night” (that’s me – every night!) and “forehead kisses are underrated”, it won’t be long before girls everywhere are selling out this new line at bevello {Based on Raleigh, locations all over NC | online}

The good hYOUman brand hails from Los Angeles and “encourages people to be the best person they can be by telling their short story in an effort to unite humanity by our most fundamental similarities – our experiences.”

Tanks and shirts range from $37-50 and you can find them on Bevello’s website at http://www.bevello.com/tops/good-hyouman.

Happy shopping!

Lisa Jeffries

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