{Final Sale} Elaine Miller Collection Closes for Retirement at North Hills

I’m bummed to report that when I was visiting North Hills for lunch, I noticed the Elaine Miller Collection storefront empty. My gal gal at North Hills confirmed later that day for me that Elaine had in fact retired. Good for Elaine, but sad for the state of jewelry shopping in Raleigh. She had such a fun, diverse collection in that store. Even if I wasn’t always visiting with a budget to spend, that was a great place for the curious to check out very bold collections of estate jewelry, alongside new pieces, as well.

My very best wishes go out to Elaine Miller in her retirement!

XOXO, Lisa

(Image via North Hills on Flickr.)

Lisa Jeffries

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  1. Just found your blog and we’re loving all the local boutique news!

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