{New Boutique on the Block} Crafty Beer Shop Officially Open as of Today

One week ago today I completely accidentally stumbled upon the Triangle’s latest craft beer retailer – this one in Five Points: Crafty Beer Shop {Raleigh}. For the sake of this post, shall we call it the New “Beer Boutique” on the Block? I mean, spade’s a spade, they’re still a retailer. They just happen to sell bottled liquid goods!

Don’t bother trying to Google “Crafty Beer Shop” to find much about this Raleigh bottle shop. With a name so descriptive, it takes some serious hunting. I finally found their brand-spankin’ new Facebook page just now – notice the utter lack of info and content – but hey, the address and hours are on there and that’s really all you need.

Although not a beer expert myself, I know how to size up an independent retailer up in a second: solid location, warm and friendly customer service, good merchandise selection, and oh by the way, build your own six pack… that can include a wide selection of fruit ciders for this girl? I’m buying! (Not to mention the fact that the homey bottle shop offers couches, tables and chairs, and outside seating.)

Crafty Beer Shop in Raleigh's Five Points is now open

Last Thursday night, on the way to a business dinner, I noticed the new awning at the Five Points intersection (Glenwood Avenue, Fairview, and Whitaker Mill) boasting “Crafty Bottle Shop”. I mentioned it aloud to my manfriend who was driving and noted that we should stop on the way back to see what the deal is and grab a picture. Imagine my surprise when at 10:00 p.m. on a Thursday night on our way back, the lights were still on and a healthy crowd still enjoying the spirits. We found this sign on the door:

Crafty Beer Shop in Raleigh's Five Points is now open

Crafty Beer Shop in Raleigh’s Five Points is now open

Wow! We really did happen to stumble upon this place on their first day in business – a week in advance of their official grand opening! Naturally, we stopped in to have a round and check things out firsthand. How do you know that was the right choice? When Robert Courts (good friend and fellow local business proponent) is seated right inside enjoying a beverage, too. Love running into fellow Shop Local Raleigh folks!

Crafty Beer Shop in Raleigh's Five Points now open

Crafty Beer Shop in Raleigh’s Five Points now open

The service was friendly and genuine without being overbearing. We’ve now been back once since to pick up a six pack of varied brews on the way to dinner with friends.

Thirsty Thursday ramblings aside, if you’re a craft beer fan, check out Crafty Beer Shop at 2003 Fairview Road in Raleigh. And cheers!
Lisa Jeffries for iheartretail.com

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