{Window Shopping} Last Day to Find Your Lucky Green Goods before St. Patrick’s Day!

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day finds to wind down our the week of green here on I <3 Retail come from Dapper Style House {Downtown Raleigh}… open until 12:30am tonight for your Downtown Raleigh shopping pleasure! (I love their late-night hours… you all don’t know how many times I’ve taken advantage of them and shopped, while enjoying a cocktail, when I just didn’t like what I was wearing out that particular night!)

St. Patrick's Day green goods from Dapper Style House

Shopping Guide:
1 – Moon – Mary Jane lace dress, $68 at Dapper
2 – Publish – Augustin Moto coat, on sale $68 at Dapper
3Lumina Clothing necktie, $78 at Dapper
4 – Frank Dandy Jamaica boxer, $28 at Dapper
5 – 36Point5 Kitty blouse, $40 at Dapper
6 – Julkee – Sarah open back dress, $66 at Dapper
7 – Mooi earrings, $20 at Dapper
8 – Midori cocktail, $6 at Dapper
9 – Julkee – Jessica dress, $66 at Dapper
10 – Publish – Neiman short, $82 at Dapper

Lisa Jeffries

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