{Sale Alert} In case you’re still in need of a New Year’s Eve dress…

…because I know I sure haven’t decided what I’m wearing yet! It’s two days before New Year’s Eve festivities and I’m pinning like a crazy woman in anticipation.

bevello friends and family sale

Holiday dress from bevellobevello {Raleigh | online} is where I picked up my holiday party dress a few weekends ago (pictured at right – I’m the one in red), but I definitely left at least three other dresses that I was in love with in the store. I just may have to revisit this week to pick those beauties up. That shopping trip also inspired this tweet:

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I have an addiction to buying beautiful dresses. It’s a sickness, really. Thanks, @bevello #CameronVillage!

Enjoy the sale, y’all!

Lisa Jeffries

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