{Movers & Shakers} Footlights Moves to North Hills

Just one mover/shaker in this update… and I got the skinny on this post in the most local of fashions. It went a little something like this:

Local friend’s post on facebook: “Need to buy a leotard – at a local retailer! Send suggestions.” (Or something to that extent.)
Local friend’s friend replied: “Footlights {Raleigh}. They just moved from Seaboard Station to North Hills.” (I’m summarizing here.)

And sometimes being in the know is as simple as that. (And getting your daily dose of I Heart Retail, of course!)

If the name wasn’t enough description for you, here’s the description of the specialty retailer, direct from their website: “serving the aspiring student and the professional by supplying a comprehensive selection of dance shoes, bodywear, accessories and gifts for all genres of dance.”

PS: You can find Footlights on facebook, too!

Lisa Jeffries

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