And for the Skinny on Triangle Fashion Week…

…be sure to read Melissa’s full write-up on! Here’s a tid bit:

So it’s not Manhattan or Milan, but it’s still uber chic. Busting at the seams with a throng of top trendsetters, Triangle Fashion Week is making its own wrinkle in the fabric of modern fashion. Unfurling Sept. 16-25, the second-annual fashion frenzy will see a bevy of haute local boutiques, designers, spas and salons band together to strut out fashion shows, discounts, late night and edu sessions, and a slew of swank soirees.

Melissa lists all of the must-attend events and even gives you a little background on the two-year old event’s history. Read on for her in-depth look at Triangle Fashion Week 2011.

Lisa Jeffries

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