{Sale Alert} 20% Off All Purple at Beleza… a Fair Trade Boutique

True story – when I was little, and all through growing up, purple was my most favorite color. (If you know my dad, ask him to tell you the story about my purple rain jacket that now lives in the bottom of Lake Wheeler. Probably the longest boat ride of his life that day! Sorry, Dad! ;-)) Another true story – purple may just still be my favorite color today.

Sadly, purple is a color that I don’t wear enough of – but here’s a great opportunity to add more purple to my personal style… and yours!

Color of the Month – 20% Off All Purple!

all women's accessories with any shade of purple in them are on sale at Beleza

So many shades of purple – methyst, eggplant, indigo, lavender, plum, violet – and they are all on sale at Beleza! That’s right – purple is September’s color of the month and you get 20% off all women’s accessory items with even a smidge of any shade of purple in them. So, go ahead… indulge in that perfect piece of purple for a great fall look with this hot shade!

Beleza… a fair trade boutique {Raleigh | online} is located in Cameron Village and has just the best selection of hand-made jewelry, accessories, clutches/wallets, and more. Stop by and visit Sarah and P. Dail soon!

Lisa Jeffries

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