The Stylist is In: Cool, Fresh, Heat Wave-Resistant Linen Looks

Welcome back for our second installment of The Stylist is In – which answers your style questions and curiosities, courtesy of local stylist Suzanne Libfraind, owner of Wardrobe Consulting {Raleigh}.

This week’s feature? Linen! And how wonderfully appropriate in light of the mid-summer heat wave we’re all experiencing (ahem, “suffering through” is possibly a better phrase) right now! Enjoy looking fabulous and pulled together, without losing a few quick pounds via “glistening” (ladies don’t sweat, right?), with this preview of Suzanne’s expert post on everything you need to know to wear linen and wear it well.

Suzanne Libfraind Wardrobe ConsultingThe Summer Linen Pant… the Right Choice!

So I bet everyone agrees, it’s often just too hot to bother dressing up. There are a few options to get a pulled together look when jeans are not a worthy choice.

Here is some food for thought on selecting linen for warm weather dressing:
1. Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant
2. Most linen can be hand washed or put in a washing machine
3. Never use a steamer to remove wrinkles, as it will break down the fibers
4. Lastly, when traveling, pack your linen in tissue paper and in a plastic dry cleaning bag. When you arrive, remember to unpack and hang it as soon as possible to prevent any additional wrinkles (my grandmother used to do this).

Now that you have a basic knowledge about linen, how about how to actually wear it?! For summer the best look for linen is a loosely fit pant with a fitted blouse or tee shirt with a hat, scarf and sunglasses. Great relaxed dressing! For a dressier look, opt for again a loose fit pant, fitted or full top with a cropped fitted jacket. It is fine to have the shirttail hang below the jacket, especially if it is gathered towards the hem.

Great looks to pair with white linen pants

Click on the image or links above to view the details for each item in Suzanne’s polyvore collection.

Be sure to check out Suzanne’s blog early next week for the rest of her advice on how to best wear linen and even how to transition the look into your fall wardrobe!

Got a question for her to tackle in the next The Stylist is In feature? Leave it here in the comments or email me anytime!

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  1. Here is Suzanne’s follow-up post on her blog, complete with *extra* tips for readers! Enjoy!

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