Reader Recommended: Cameron Village’s Butterfly Days

Cameron Village Brings Durham’s Museum of Life and Science to Raleigh!

Cameron Village Butterfly Days

Right in the heart of Raleigh, the Butterfly Zone (located near Charlotte’s), has landed at Cameron Village {Raleigh} for just two special days – Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th. The windows have been painted by museum staff and there a half-dozen learning opportunities, making this special event a must-see and must-shop destination this Mother’s Day weekend!

The Butterfly Walk tracks 25 different species around the village, featuring huge 3-D butterflies, banners, windows, pots.. up and down and everywhere! What a fantastic wonder for kids of all ages and “a super chance for folks to try the museum here and go to Durham later for a great family outing”, says Pat Hunnell who recommended this event to I <3 Retail.

PS – Don’t miss the chance to receive a $25 gift certificate from Cameron Village when you spend $125… so go ahead last minute shoppers, splurge on Mom – she so deserves it!

Lisa Jeffries

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