{Sale Alert} 40% Off All Black Onyx Jewelry and More Daily Deals at Kerry Catherine Jewelry!

Three days until Christmas and you’re still shopping? Don’t feel bad, because I am, too! It seems the retail gods and goddesses are on our side this year though, because there are still lots of opportunities to grab some great last-minute gifts.

Thanks to Kerry from Kerry Catherine Jewelry {North Hills} for the email letting me know about the store’s current Facebook daily deals promotion! This week Kerry Catherine Jewelry has been holding one-day, Facebook-only sales – featuring a different type of jewelry each day. Today’s sale is featuring all Black Onyx jewelry and it’s 40% off for anyone who mentions the posting! Not too shabby for three days before Christmas, huh?

Kerry tells me they’ll also be featuring a different type of jewelry Thursday, and another type on Friday, too – so make sure to add this North Hills jewelry sale to your shopping list this week!

You can find Kerry Catherine Jewelry on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kerrycatherinejewelry.

Lisa Jeffries

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