Ask Lisa: Shopping for Shoes and Belt for the Little Lady

My friend, and fellow active Shop Local Raleigh-er, Robert sent me a great email a few weeks ago asking for my retail advice. Of course, I was happy to oblige!

Robert wrote:

“Lisa, I thought you may be able to point me in the right retail direction. Teresa’s birthday is approaching and I want to purchase shoes and a belt for the “little black dress” I found for her. Do you know of any LOCAL stores that would be a good place to start?

I thought to myself, “If I was searching for shoes and a belt today, where would my search begin”? Here’s where my shopping adventure would take me:
Shoes: high-end and trend-focused
Scout & Molly’s “Walk” Boutique {Raleigh}
Kristen’s Shoe Boutique {Cary}
Uniquities {Raleigh | online} –

Shoes: everyday
SRI Shoes {Raleigh} (Who at the time, had a $10 off when you spend $50 promotion going on!)
Main & Taylor {Raleigh} – (shoes here range from $70-700)

Lots of clothing, shoe, and handbag retailers also offer belts, so I would suggest starting at a shoe store first and then going from there. Bevello {Raleigh} in Cameron Village also carries belts, if I remember correctly from my most recent visit. I’m drawing a blank as to any local retailer that actually really features belts as a spotlight collection as they’re usually sold as an accessory pieces. Can you readers think of anywhere? Local retailers, do you have a great belt offering that I should know about? Let me know –!

Robert is a fellow self-employed entrepreneur and founder of Straight Talk Plus, a financial services firm that provides local people like you and me very upfront, no-gimmick advice regarding home finance (ie: mortgages!) and life insurance needs. I can personally attest to the strength of Robert’s “straight talk” professionalism as I’ve had the opportunity to “talk shop” with Robert about the current opportunities for mortgage refinancing, and after a very open and honest ten minute discussion, Robert had steered me in a direction that I am confident is absolutely the best current choice for me! If you’ve ever felt like maybe you weren’t getting the most “straight talk” from someone sitting across a desk from you, you will certainly appreciate Robert’s fresh, personable approach to personal and home finance and life insurance advising!

You can read more about Robert, and his company Straight Talk Plus, online at or contact him at

PS – Robert didn’t ask for me to post this or compensate me in any way, this is actually the exact way it happened! Robert asked for my shopping advice, I asked for his mortgage advice, and once again we both “kept it local”… because after all, that is the goal of Shop Local Raleigh. And of course, I’m always happy to recommend a friend who I know is an absolute expert in their field to others!

Lisa Jeffries

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