How’s Everyone Doing Out There?

I had all intentions of posting some really great stuff this past weekend about shopping local, but Mother Nature had plans otherwise. I’m very fortunate to report that my neighborhood was in a safe little bubble, if you will, but I know many others out there were not as lucky. I hope that all of you fantastic readers and your loved ones fared well in storms, as well!

If you feel as compelled to get out and help in a responsible manner as I do, I wanted to quickly let you all know that P. Dail and Sara at Beleza (two of the most humanitarian folks you’ll ever meet) are using their Cameron Village store as a drop off location and keeping customers updated on volunteer and donation opportunities through their blog and facebook page (and email list as well, if you’re on it).

You can also check out the wonderful local non-profit awareness group, Me^3, online at their website, facebook, and twitter as they are regularly posting updates from non-profit organizations around the area so that you can pick an opportunity that you feel most aligned with and easily connect with them to offer support of any kind.

Lisa Jeffries

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